Learning Somali in Obsidian MD

Early in January I started learning Somali. Why? Who knows. It’s a lovely language but I have no one in my social circle speaks it. Hopefully I’ll make some Somali friends soon. I guess I just felt like a challenge on top of starting a blog, a Youtube channel at the same time as being a twin mom and working.

In this video I show how I set up my language learning in its own vault in Obsidian. For now this is mostly set up for the course I take at a university but it’ll be used for self studies when the course is over. Since I’m not sure if I’ll have the time for the follow up course this fall I need a good setup where I have everything I need to study on my own going forward.

The key is to be systematic and to make sure to get the frame work of grammar and phonetics down early so you don’t have to wonder about that to much when you don’t have a teacher around. But what I need most are Somali people to speak with. It’s hard to be a language learner as an introvert. I wish I had the courage to just go up and speak with people. Since I don’t live in a big town it wouldn’t be strange to just say hello to someone in the store. I would just have to switch from hello to nabad.

Don’t you think my thumbnail got a bit better from my first video? I’m not there yet with the quality. I think one struggle is that my face isn’t in the video and there for not in the thumbnail. I think people like seeing faces when they choose a video.

The audio is still choppy even though I got a bit better at filtering out outside noises. I need a sound booth! My computer fan is making so much noise.

2 thoughts on “Learning Somali in Obsidian MD”

  1. Hi “ankteckningar”, i’m not sure if that is your name,
    Anyway i have read that you are learning Somali and i would like to congratulate you on that.Hope you found Somali friends to speak to but if not let me know i can be of help.
    i’m an introvert like yourself so if by ‘speak’ you mean chat i’m down for it.
    Also I will greatly appreciate if you could share your Somali notes as I am curios to know the linguistic aspect of it as Somali is my first and main language, I speak fluently without thinking or caring about the technicalities involved, but i’m now insterested and starting to learn the language linguistically.
    I think putting a face in the thumbnail is not necessarily important but putting one inside the video is. but from one introvert to another i can understand why you did not.I think for the most part staring at static video with not much movement and without a face can be boring more so without a good quality audio. i like that you used an avatar in your recent videos.
    The audio i suggest that you invest in a microphone not necessarily an expensive one but you can be fine with a cheap one.if you use obs studio to record your videos then i suggest searching for how to improve mic in obs studio on youtube. I have tried that with a cheap microphone to record some lectures and it worked fine.
    Good luck!

    • Iska warran. Sorry that my spam filter and my lack of free time has made me miss your wonderful comment. I will see what I can do about sharing my notes, I have them in an Obsidian vault. I’ll keep in mind that there’s someone interested in going through them. I’ve put somali on the back burner because I’ve in the middle of changing careers, but it is a beautiful language so I hope I can pick it up soon.


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