Audio version of Interstitial journaling

I do audio versions of some of my posts. Mostly the once that I feel are related to self betterment or those that are a bit more rambling or personal. I’m thinking of doing the same for book reviews. Either do two versions or just do a written and a spoken version. Let me know what you think. Maybe it’s more fun to have a more technical review here and a more fun and personal version on Youtube. Another idea is to have non-fiction here and fiction on Youtube. I haven’t really decided yet. I like to keep it lose this early in my “career” because I don’t want to lock myself in to a setup I might not like later. It can be hard to leave a setup when you’re a year deep.

The reasons I do it likes this is both that it gives me an easier reason to practice video editing and get better at voice-overs. I’m new to Youtube and I have more ideas for the blog so far.

It was also a way for me to connect with an audience that might not be into blogs or blogging. I’m hoping to change their minds. I think blogs are making a come back. I think we’re stepping away from aggregated list blogs to more personal blogs without a hyper specific niche.

For those that might missed my original post this is about the habit of making small time stamped notes when you go from one activity to another. This is to make the transition easier by reducing cognitive load.

This video is an audio version of this blog entry. If you want you can find my entire channel here but as I mentioned in my first video post I will be cross post my videos to the blog. I like to keep everything collected here, this is my space and I want my stuff here. Hopefully it’s not to cluttered.

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