The Power of Personal Knowledge Management

Welcome to a world where knowledge is abundant, and information surrounds us at every turn. In this digital age, personal knowledge management (PKM) has emerged as a tool not just for professors and programmers but for everyone looking to maximize their potential. Both professionally and personally. Even for middle aged shift working mothers like myself. … Read more

How to stop wasting time when you’re in a funk

Last year I set a lot of different systems and dreams in motion at the same time. I had a period of intense focus and productivity. I was driven by passion. But passion is never enough. Passion is what you feel when the dopamine hits keep coming. “When it comes to creating work you love, … Read more

How I do time management for productivity

The issue with time management Time is a scarce commodity for most people and time management is hard. Besides work, kids and social lives we have all these other things that need different amount of management. You want to keep your children entertained. There are house chores. You have to plan the shopping. What’s left … Read more

What does productivity mean to me?

purple and blue light digital wallpaper

I’ve been fascinated by productivity culture since I was a teenager. As confident as only a teenager can be I moved through life like I was in Silicon Valley, getting ready for meetings with hot shot clients and fine-tuning my folder sorting skills.Somewhere in my twenties I had my computer and phone set up like … Read more

Interstitial journaling

rain falling on unknown plants with the words interstitial journaling on the right upper corner

What is interstitial journaling? I think my first time seeing the phrase interstitial journaling was at the Obsidian Discord. Someone had posted a picture of their daily log and they had time stamps with short notes about projects or plans. They called it interstitial journaling. I was intrigued. Googling led me to Anne-Laure Le Cunff … Read more