My battles with the word Content Creator

The word content creator has rubbed me the wrong way for a long time. I always thought it sounded cheap. Like that stuff in the one kitchen drawer we all have. It’s just… content. So to follow this line of thinking, a content creator is someone who creates that stuff that gets stuck in a drawer and you don’t throw it out but you don’t use it. They are of no importance.

When I started my blog and my YouTube channel I couldn’t decide what to call myself. I didn’t draw or sing or really make anything in the creative sphere. I squinted my eyes as the content creator phrase but didn’t want to put it on myself.

I still couldn’t understand my dislike for the phrase until I saw a video by Campbell Walker that gave me some food for thought.

With this video he put words on what I was feeling about the phrase. On the internet, we no longer write, sing or paint. We create content. Mostly we do it to appease the beast that is the algorithm. We want others to see what we do so we change just a little bit. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions and suddenly you’re not doing what you love anymore.

Cam spoke about how artists can take their work back and focus on creating what they feel is important for themselves at the same time as they try and reach a wider audience. But now I had some very conflicting feelings.

Feeling confused

You see, as I mentioned I’m not an artist, nor am I I developer or a journalist. I write blog posts and I post videos about different things. This leaves me without a true niche, even though I mostly write around the subjects of learning, productivity, and self-improvement. I do have an education I could lean on but I feel like my interest doesn’t fall squarely into that box. Nor would I feel comfortable trying to flex my education since I never worked in my field. I tried to think of myself as an educator but my brain recoiled at the audacity. So what am I?

There’s this strange dichotomy today that you’re either putting out mindless junk for ad money or you’re an educator putting out Important Things and Stuff™. Most people I follow have been active within a field of study or an area of expertise within their career. They now feel like they want to share what they’ve learned. These would then be from the last group of people I mentioned. But there is this vast, beautiful ocean of people on the spectrum from those people down to my imagined bottom feeders.

And here I am, on a boat trying to find my piece of land.

So what do I want?

What I want are connections. I want to share what’s going on in my brain and see if that connects with what someone has in their brain. I want to show cool stuff I’ve learned, and show things I think can help other people. Maybe someone else has already shared what I want to share. Several people probably already have. Maybe their things are even better than mine. But we all have our own experience in this sphere and that matters. The content I create will differ from someone without children or someone who’s into other movies than me. Someone who reads other books than I have or someone who’s never left their hometown.

I think one view of the internet is that it’s people screaming into a void, begging to be seen, to be heard, to be noticed. But it’s also random middle-aged women who are tired of caring about what other people might think. There’s room for us. If we just take it. You don’t need to know what it is you want to do just yet. But if feels important to you, let it out. Show it to other people because I bet there is at least one person out there that needs to hear what you have to say.

Being a content creator isn’t all bad

Even though my content isn’t art, it is still not nothing, it’s still something from me, I work on it, and I think it into being. I mentioned in my blog post “The allure of buzzphrases” that I was scared of adding to the noise when I started up this new venture. Maybe that said more about me than the noise. Maybe I want to make some noise? I might even dare say that there’s people out there that want to hear my noise.

So if I want to call myself something out here on the waves of the internet that leaves me with content creator.

Going forward I’m focusing on not being apologetic about my content. I’m here now. By embracing the word content creator I’m now focusing on creating the best content I can, something not stuck in a kitchen drawer for the rest of eternity.

3 thoughts on “My battles with the word Content Creator”

  1. I loved this. I feel the same way – as a mid-30s child free woman – I just have an urge to write about stuff that interests me and random new things I learn. I don’t think any of it will be revolutionary or particularly original, and it definitely wont fit into once nice little niche of content (which is what all advice seems to tell you you *must* do!). I don’t even know if there is a ”market” for this type of content … But I’m having fun exploring it and at the end of the day I wanted to start making time for writing about things because it makes me feel good.
    Loved the imagery of being out there in a little boat trying to find your island!
    I found this very inspiring, thank you!

    • I think that blogs used to be like that. And I’m not even talking about “lifestyle blogs.” But now we need to fit into boxes and think about SEO straight out of the box. At the same time its ugly talking about wanting to make money from your content. So you can’t win. And that’s what I’m starting to get now. And when you cant win, just have fun.


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