Time management when life changes

Since I started tags: my journey of personal growth last year I think I’ve found a good way to manage my time. I could get things done without it taking time away from my family. I lived my life in a way that allowed me to consume and create content in a mildly orderly way. This led me to this blog and to my YouTube channel where I think I’ve never truly missed a post. I did post a few days later from time to time. But I have been consistent for the most part and rarely have I slacked off.
But now my schedule is changing and I need to rethink how I can and should spend my time. This is both scary and exciting. Scary, because I will not have the same amount of time as before meaning I think my productivity will take a hit, but also exciting because now I get to collect data and reconfigure my time management. In this blog post, I will discuss how to respond to a change in schedule, how my own new writing schedule will probably look, and what the goal of the whole thing is about.

Adapting to schedule changes

Initially, I won’t be focusing on productivity per se but rather on what happens with my productivity when my life changes. I will take notes on when and how I get writing done, how I feel about this writing, is it too stressful, is my writing worse under pressure? How am I feeling overall? What are my energy levels throughout the day? Data, data, data. Then when I have enough data I’ll start working on a new mental schedule. Then I’ll try that out for a while and then go back to the drawing board and see if anything needs to be updated. As with life in general this will then be a constant work in progress. The most probable solution for me is to write in short spurts when I have some time over. Most probably I will also be working on several projects at a time. Sort of like incremental writing but not really. The first half of the year my process has been this: I’ve decided what I want to write about, then I sat down to write, got done, and posted. Then the process restarted. I believe that the rest of the year will be more focused on throwing every idea I have in its own note and going through and adding a little at a time. I’ll then dip into my folder and decide what to finish that specific week.

But what about deep work?

Well, deep work is not something that is possible for everyone. I’ve been going back and forth with this idea of deep work. Right now my feelings are that deep work is for people who want to grow in a different way than me. I’m not looking to expand a specific idea and go to the bottom of that. I’m here for a good time not for a deep time! All kidding aside, I want to learn a lot about a lot and I want to share that with a lot of people. I made a video last week about how passion is a myth. I spoke about how it can be freeing to label yourself a jack of all trades. Although I admire people that are experts and spend years of their lives mastering their crafts it’s simply not for everyone. I’m happy with just growing as a person and hopefully, by making content about my own journey, helping someone else grow.

What is the goal?

My goal is to be able to keep producing one blog post and one YouTube video each week while still feeling like I’m not constantly working. My plan is to have a cache of almost-done writing that I can pick and choose from. My first plan was to have a content calendar set up with specific posts to write for specific dates but before I even started I felt the heat from that plan. By having lots of posts almost done I can pick and choose what to polish up and finish rather than have a set schedule for different topics. This means less pressure to have a specific topic planned that I then won’t really feel like discussing when its time comes.
With this new process in front of me, I’m again so grateful for finding Obsidian. Keeping notes with semi-finished posts and just being able to link to and from them in a meaningful way will make it so much easier to keep track of where in the process different posts are. I’ve also added the Projects plugin which makes it even easier to keep on top of where my different posts are. I’ve also started tagging my posts with themes to not bombard my followers with too many posts about the same old thing. I want to keep it fresh.
But as always, my main goal is to grow and to be in control. Creating content is not my job yet, so it has to be on my own terms so far. When life changes, you have to go with the flow and see what happens and to keep all pressure to a minimum. What matters most is health and happiness. We should always strive for doing what serves us.

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