Allow yourself to change

Being a person is like breathing. We expand and contract. I see it in a lot of aspects of my life, from how I set up elaborate rituals for productivity, to then scaling back only to set up similar rituals and routines again. I de-clutter only to make something new, only to cull something else. It used to bother me, this constant change, push and pull. I now see it as natural and beneficial. Balance isn’t about being rigid, it’s about being able to flow with the wind, the stream. The ever-changing world.

What I’ve found is that if you only go with the flow you will learn so much more than if you fight it. Every new elaborate setup teaches something new. A new season of de-cluttering teaches you the meaning of your world as you keep an item over and over again or throw away the same type of thing every time. I used to worry it meant I was fickle. Now I know I’m just open to new possibilities.

The only way to ever really change is to allow change to happen. I know that sounds obvious but it’s surprisingly hard. Maybe this is something that’s come with age but I feel that it’s easier now to step back and see a pattern in how life is lived. Even in a life of constant change and no loyalty to your own sense of self, there are patterns. It’s in these patterns you can start to see who you truly are. But before that, you need to allow life to happen as it will and yourself to react accordingly.

By going with the flow, we become more adaptable and resilient. We learn to navigate the ever-changing world with ease, like a leaf floating down a stream. We become more attuned to the subtle shifts and nuances of life, and when we are in this mindset of ever-present change it’s easier to adapt.
Going with the flow also helps us to let go of attachments and expectations. When we are constantly trying to control and manipulate our circumstances, we often become attached to specific outcomes and set ourselves up for disappointment and frustration when things don’t go as planned. By surrendering to the flow of life, we release these attachments and expectations, allowing ourselves to be present in the moment and accepting of whatever comes our way

Ultimately, going with the flow allows us to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. It frees us from the constraints of societal expectations and allows us to find our true selves. We become more in tune with our intuition and and we can make choices and decisions that align with our deeper desires and values.

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