Using extract to file in Obsidian MD

a screen shot from the video about extract to file showing bursts of fire and the text Obsidian for dumb-dumbs

I had been looking for a way to extract text from one note and put it into a new note automatically. Obsidian MD have so many great functions but as I mention in the video, I rarely read manuals or go through tutorials before I encounter an issue. This usually works out well enough since I’m rarely a power user by any means. But this feature was something I was so sure would exist and I was so annoyed when it didn’t. I even looked for plugins that would solve my problems. Then one day I right clicked and there it was, extract to file. Major face palm.

I felt a bit stupid when I found this function since I had been complaining about the lack of it. So instead of staying ashamed I shared my embarrassment with the world. Maybe someone else had missed this little function. This is what this whole journey is about isn’t it. Everything from my bad thumbnail to my not so great audio. It’s better to start doing and then improve than to never start because you need to get it all perfect from the start. Will I look back on this video in a years time and feel embarrassed? Maybe. Probably. And that’s a good thing because that means I’ve grown and gotten better. Hopefully I’ll be an audio pro because I do not enjoy the background noises.

If you want, feel free to check out my Youtube channel. I post more to the blog so far, but hopefully I’ll soon be more regular both here and there. I’ll also be cross posting my videos here so if you for some reason don’t want to visit Youtube you will still be able to see my videos right here on the blog. Some of it will be audio versions of blog posts and some will be other content.