Balancing personal growth and self acceptance

I want to write about something that many of us can relate to: the quest for self-improvement. This is basically what my online life is about at the moment. As you go through life, it’s natural to want to work on you personal growth. But it’s also important to have some balance between you goals … Read more

The Power of Personal Knowledge Management

Welcome to a world where knowledge is abundant, and information surrounds us at every turn. In this digital age, personal knowledge management (PKM) has emerged as a tool not just for professors and programmers but for everyone looking to maximize their potential. Both professionally and personally. Even for middle aged shift working mothers like myself. … Read more

Toxic journaling

person holding notebook beside ceramic cup

I’m a big promoter of journaling. I see it as a fantastic way to both log your life and as a way to process emotions and events you’re going through. I have for at least thirty years kept some form of journaling going. If I’d saved all my notebooks through the years they would fill … Read more

How to stop wasting time when you’re in a funk

Last year I set a lot of different systems and dreams in motion at the same time. I had a period of intense focus and productivity. I was driven by passion. But passion is never enough. Passion is what you feel when the dopamine hits keep coming. “When it comes to creating work you love, … Read more