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I thought I try something. When the mood strikes me I’ll do some semi-personal, non polished posts. A summary of my days work so to speak.

The day have been more input oriented than usual. With all the output lately I’ve been slacking on my personal reading. It’s easy when you already have a nice cache of information to feel like reading and gathering is wasting time that could be spent writing. What you want though is the eco system of input and output working concurrently.

I also did some Obsidian tinkering today. I’m in the camp of tinkering with purpose is not procrastination. Some day soon I’ll write a post about my view. I installed Tracker and Periodic notes. My daily note was starting to get cluttered and wasn’t really set up for me to work. I had (and still have) some trouble setting up Tracker, I think it has much more to offer me than what I understand right now. Periodic notes was no issues and I sat up some templates to go with it. To think I was so sure of myself when I said I would never use plugins.

Snipd is a source of head scratching these last few days. I like the idea but it drains my phones battery and the AI doesn’t really get sarcasm so a few key points on “If books could kill” gets it all wrong. But it’s the best way I’ve found to gather podcast notes. Just go through your notes and check that it actually got the right idea.

Yes, and about If books could kill. I’ve heard about it before but when Curtis McHale wrote about it I finally checked it out. It’s fun to listen to but I’m scared one or several of my own favourites will make an appearance in the future!

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