Allow yourself to change

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Being a person is like breathing. We expand and contract. I see it in a lot of aspects of my life, from how I set up elaborate rituals for productivity, to then scaling back only to set up similar rituals and routines again. I de-clutter only to make something new, only to cull something else. … Read more

What if you’re not a loser?

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Many people are struggling with low self-esteem or negative self-talk. They think they’re failing, not good enough. Losers. Every day of their life they have a tiny ghost whispering in their ear about how they shouldn’t accept praise or how they really should know better. In today’s post I’ll be talking a bit about my … Read more

Balancing personal growth and self acceptance

I want to write about something that many of us can relate to: the quest for self-improvement. This is basically what my online life is about at the moment. As you go through life, it’s natural to want to work on you personal growth. But it’s also important to have some balance between you goals … Read more

The Power of Personal Knowledge Management

Welcome to a world where knowledge is abundant, and information surrounds us at every turn. In this digital age, personal knowledge management (PKM) has emerged as a tool not just for professors and programmers but for everyone looking to maximize their potential. Both professionally and personally. Even for middle aged shift working mothers like myself. … Read more